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The Features of PP Plastic Cups

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Update time : 2018-12-25 15:26:33
The Features PP Plastic Cups
Plastic cups are disposable containers for drinks and tea. The most commonly used disposable plastic cups are beverage shops, hot and cold drinks shops, milk tea shops, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, which provide a variety of plastic cups to carry drinks and on-site use.

Pp plastic cup common soy milk bottles, yogurt bottles, juice beverage bottles, microwave boxes. As high as 167 ℃, melting point is the only plastic box, can be put into the microwave oven can be reused after careful cleaning

Pp plastic cups are polypropylene, it has good heat resistance, products can be in more than 100 ℃ temperature disinfection sterilization, under the condition of not affected by external forces, 150 ℃ is not out of shape. Brittle temperature - 35 ℃, 35 ℃ below - will happen embrittlement, cold tolerance than polyethylene. Reported values for polypropylene glass transition temperature of a 18 qc, OqC, 5 ℃, it is also because people with different samples, containing crystalline and amorphous facies proportion is different, make the different molecular chains in the amorphous part of the chain length. Than polyethylene polypropylene melt temperature around 40 a 50%, about 164 an 164 ℃, 100% isotactic polypropylene.

Pp granules for the nature, cylindrical particles, particles bright and clean, particle size in any direction is 2mm ~ 5mm, odorless non-toxic, no mechanical impurities. Pp plastic is polypropylene plastic, is non-toxic. No harm to human body. Made of polypropylene cups is non-toxic and the manufacture of processing temperature (180 ~ 240 ℃). So boiling water doesn't break it down. So you don't have to worry about toxicity on your food utensils.